Compliance Audit Systems Limited (CAS) offers the following innovative and practical solutions to your problems:

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A practical and innovative BIM-enabled automated compliance audit system supporting open standards

(Building Code Advisor), an intelligent online tool to help navigate any legal document for compliance advice.

(Life-cycle Carbon Assessor), a module of ACABIM that can produce the calculations of life-cycle carbon emission in buildings given the ISO-standard BIM model input.

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The Grid/AKL, Level 1, 101 Pakenham St West, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland CBD



Dr Johannes Dimyadi, CEO


Johannes has more than 25 years of multi-disciplinary consulting engineering background including fire safety engineering. His main areas of expertise are in the Construction Informatics and in the application of legal informatics to prescriptive and performance-based compliant design of buildings. He spent several years as an academic in the School of Computer Science at the University of Auckland researching on developing an innovative and practical solution to automating BIM-enabled compliance audit processes. This lead to the ACABIM approach that facilitated the Building Consent Authority in Christchurch to successfully deliver a proof-of-concept BIM-enabled consenting project. Johannes is a member of the working group for the Regulatory Room of the buildingSmart International.

Prof Robert Amor, Director, CXO


Robert is a professor at the School of Computer Science at the University of Auckland. During his early career, he spent several years working at the School of Architecture at the Victoria University of Wellington, as well as at the Centre for Construction IT at the BRE in the UK, in the mid-1990s. During his academic career, he has spent sabbatical time at many research institutions in the USA, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Australia. Robert's research interests are in construction informatics, data interoperability, and human computer interactions. He currently serves as an active member of the New Zealand BIM Acceleration Committee and Building Innovation Partnership.

Greg Sitters, GM Ops, Business Strategist


Greg has a distinguished career spanning more than 40 years in business development, marketing, corporate and professional governance. He has worked for Sun Microsystems and SGI across Australia and New Zealand, in forums in the USA and Asia, and Sparkbox Venture Group. He has held posts on a number of key industry forums and received many local and international business awards. Greg has a passion in disruptive technologies that address some of the worlds major challenges.

Craig Brown, CFO


A seasoned CFO, Craig has a proven track record of growing companies and increasing shareholder returns. His experience has been focused on high tech, fast growth companies, with intellectual property and a unique selling proposition, enabling and navigating companies through start-up and high growth periods. He has worked across a broad range of Hi-tech companies as CFO and/or Company Director including Proacta Therapeutics, Insightful Mobility, Halo IPT, Unleashed Software, Mohio, Hydroxsys, Food Locomotive, and Frogparking. Craig has raised over $140M in funds with start-up companies, managed their commercial risks, worked with the boards and shareholders to grow the business world-wide, and maximised shareholder returns.

Davis Dimalen, Lead Developer


Davis is a senior software developer with many years of experience in solving different problems in various domains. He is well-versed with many programming languages and development environments, both in the open source as well enterprise worlds. His special expertise extends to both front-end and back-end web design and web application development technologies.

Sudara Fernando, Software Engineer


Sudara has a degree in software engineering and recently completed his Master of Engineering at the University of Auckland. His passion is in cross-platform software design and development including mobile apps. He is conversant with several programming languages and a number of technologies and has specific skill set to undertake the translation of natural language texts into computable forms.


Anderson Creagh Lai Limited

Jeffrey Lai, LLB (Hons), BCom, Managing Director


Jeffrey provides sound, pragmatic legal and general commercial advice to a wide range of clients, particularly in mid-market and high growth New Zealand companies. Jeffrey specialises in corporate structuring and international business expansion, among others. He has a technology sector focus, particularly in major technology project development, implementation and integration, and commercialisation of science and technology.

Our partners

Auckland UniServices Limited

Joe Rouse, MBA, Commercialisation Manager


Joe has twenty years in technology business operations and innovation commercialisation and entrepreneurship. He has held many executive roles in corporate strategy, business development and marketing with various organisations in North America, Australasia and Asia-Pacific. Joe has a proactive approach and has been most helpful in the early development phase of CAS.

Rebecca Adams, Government Relationships Dev. Manager


Rebecca is the Government Relationships Development Manager of UniServices Ltd based in Wellington. She has been instrumental in establishing relationships for CAS with different government agencies as well as being resourceful and most helpful in convening meetings for us in Wellington.



Ken Erskine, Principal Partner


Ken has over 30 years of international strategy, sales, marketing, start-up, and investment experience. He is accomplished in building high performance teams and networks to achieve key business goals.